Access to adequate, clean and safe sanitation should not be determined by your gender, sex, age, class, functional diversity, origin, or by having a roof over your head.



Access to clean and safe public toilets is a matter of gender and inequality.

In Brussels, for example, only around 60% of public sanitaries (including toilets and urinals) are accessible to women*, less than 25% are accessible to people with reduced mobility, 55% of toilets are free and just under 40% are open 24 hours a day. The place of women and girls in the public space, but also that of sexual and gender minorities, people with reduced mobility and homeless people, is not sufficiently taken into account.

Moreover, these toilets, if there are any, are not always clean, operational or simply open. With the closure of cafés and restaurants due to the COVID-19 health crisis, finding an accessible toilet becomes a real issue when going around town. Yet it is essential that everyone can move around freely and feel comfortable in the public space. Having access to adequate, adapted and, if possible, free public toilets is a key part of this.

Peesy seeks to contribute to equality in the public space by insisting on the need for access to toilets for all, and lists the existing public toilets in the Brussels-Capital Region in order to be able to find and be directed to the nearest and most suitable toilet when the need arises. Peesy also seeks to maintain a census of toilets accessible to the public in Brussels, as such a census does not exist to date.


Find the closest toilet in 3 clicks with the peesy app

Peesy is a free application available on Android that geolocates existing public toiletsin Brussels.

Thanks to the filters, you can refine your search to best meet your specific needs! Use the filters to find out the price and number of toilets, opening hours, PRM access, the presence of a sink and/or changing table. You can also judge and comment in real time on the condition and safety of the toilets.

And if you suddenly need to hydrate… thanks to the collaboration with the non-profit organisation Street Nurses and the research group on water insecurity – HyPer – of the ULB, Peesy also displays the water fountains present in the Brussels-Capital Region!



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